Advice if you have Swelling

Swelling is usually a sign that there is an infection present. It can also be accompanied with pain and redness.

Sometimes the swelling is only in the mouth, occasionally it can be visible from outside the mouth when looking in the mirror.

If you have a swelling, rinsing your mouth with salt water mouth rinses will help draw out any infection. You may also require antibiotics, if you can take them, also take some anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. It will take at least 48hours for the antibiotics to start taking effect. Other than the discomfort, swelling isn’t really anything to worry about, you may find ice also helps soothe the area.

If you have a facial swelling that is starting to cause the eye to close or is affecting your breathing and is spreading under your jaw and into you neck it would be advisable for you to attend your nearest A and E department.

For further advice please call 111.

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